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  • विवरण We are Boring And Proud of IT. And the Good looking background image is not our team.Our boring team photos are shown below. Need help with Your Online Footprints? We provide following services WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT ONLINE MARKETING GRAPHIC DESIGN And we don't charge for simple things like Onsite SEO because tell you what?    We don't like ripping off our customers for things which comes out of the box with the FREE software we use. You can read more about it down the page hidden away from the public glare (Or maybe not). Our Focus Areas. We do lot of boring work but our primary focus is Web Development & Hosting We Design, Develop and Host your website. We also do malware cleaning and transfer from one hosting to another incase of issues. Domain Registration An easy to remember domain name makes it much easier to promote your website. We help in acquiring the best possible name at best possible profits to us. At the end of the day we also aspire for Lambos. WP Bug Fixing We manage more than 350+ websites for clients and almost all of them run on WP. As such we are habituated in making sure they always keep running. Banner Design We design banners which are simple and pleasing to the eyes so that your customers can read them and then click them easily.Attention is precious nowadays. + Projects on + Gigs on + Domains Portfolio + Sites Under Management The Team Harmony. Meet the team which does the grunt work Alok Maheshwari. Chief dEbug Officer Responsible for making sure the whole machinery is running properly. Loves WP Bug Fixing. Bola Sankar. Chief Banner Officer Take care of all the graphic design works. Expert in Photoshop Mohm. Rafi. Yet Another WP Expert Takes care of Web Design and Development of the Web Sites and General Maintenance. Anil Duvvada. One more WP Expert Web Development, SEO, Data Scraping and automation. You are a student, want to be an intern with us?We look forward to provide a safe and friendly work environment where you can learn skills which matters. Apply your application Digital Firm. Digital Firm for the digital age. Learn More About Us Why Choose Harmony Infotech? We know Digital but can communicate in language which you understand. Experienced Staff 10+ Years Experience in all things Digital We understand English We listen and communicate using simple english and don't hide behind complex jargons. You focus on communicating what you need and we focus on making sure it translates into digital form. We love what we are doing We love all things digital be it websites or social media or technology. What Our Clients Say. Some of the reviews we have !received. Does anyone really reads the testimonials. I mean we never read one. And how do people make sure the testimonials are real. Some Emily Rotten That is why we are cutting the crap. It is not like you are looking for launching rockets that you need a super smart team. Mike Devos from Hell At the end of the day we just build websites and sell stuff online. Frankly nowadays kiddos are doing that. Luckily we were able to build our profile online otherwise we would be out of work right now. Dominic Jenskin Who Request a Free Consultation. Let us know what you need and we will get back to you with a cost We are And Proud of IT Harmony Infotech is a plain old boring web services company. Looking for something cutting edge? Sorry we aren’t meant for that.We don’t have any secret sauce and we use very normal tools which are almost available for free to everyone else.What differentiate us from others is that we are HONEST and we work really HARD. Honest about our lameness and work hard to minimize the work. Any how exactly we do that? We just build websites using WordPress. Our websites are simple and easy to use and we make sure only your product/service is being sold on your website and not the designing skills of the web designing company. We are sure, at the end you want more business for your business and not for your web agency. Interested to work with us? Just reach out to the Contact Us Page. "What really turned me over was the ability to understand how everything works without any prior knowledge." John Doe Designer We use templates Almost everyone uses templates to reduce the time & cost but many pretend they don't. We don't claim to provide any unique designs but use designs which are proven to generate business. We reuse components Every website needs few basic things like contact form, maps, chat option and we use prebuilt components which are stable and proven to work. No point in reinventing the wheel. remain responsive across devices. We don't have any hand in this feature. It comes by default with the templates we use but it means you don't need to worry whether the site works properly on different devices or not. Come fall in love. FALL IN LOVE WITH OUR HONESTY. FALL IN LOVE WITH OUR SIMPLICITY Or Maybe NOT. Who cares once we have received the payment. But we do make sure your site runs properly till the payments are being made properly. You see we do believe in Tit for Tat. Real time stats. Even though we provide this feature but seriously, will you have enough time to watch the trickle of traffic coming to your site. We are sure you aren't expecting it to be next Facebook. Multilingual & translatable. Yes, it is possible but better to convince your customers to learn English. It can be helpful sometime. Less plugins used. or is it? We thought we need to use as many as features you need. But hopefully you understand more plugins means slower website.Sometimes Less is More. Amazingly responsive. We are sure Google will love your site. Community builder. This is something we are really good at. Last we check our CWO (Chief WhatsApp Officer) was managing more than 30 WhatsApp groups. Easy to use interface. Oh yes and that is why more than 30% sites on web use WordPress as their CMS. Let us Make a website for you. Which is easy and simple for your CUSTOMERS to go through Click me
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